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All I need is the air that I breathe to love you..

Unless I can’t breathe thanks to
proposed ‘clean air’ regulations proposed by W. and gang…here


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Cue James Brown – ‘Living in America’ (Salemtown – the REAL America)

Today in the City Paper, reporter William Williams discusses the ‘Garfield Place’ project. I didn’t realize that we denizens of Salemtown live in the ‘REAL’ America, while the gentry of Germantown apparently reside and frolic in some faux America.

I’m not sure that ‘we’ are being complimented here because Williams vision of real America apparently contains small asbestos-siding homes built for the working class, along with ‘run-down, outdated and/or ugly’ housing.

I guess that we in Salemtown should be thrilled to be rescued from squalor by the construction of the Garfield Place property. If only the Mellons (Garfield Place developers) could come up with some type of spray that would ameliorate the odors regularly emanating from the nearby Metro Waste Water facility. Then we could all rejoice.

The coda to Mr. Williams piece is that the Mellons have been contacted by many property owners hoping to SELL their property presumably wishing to cash in on the coming grandeur of Garfield Place. Gee, I wonder if Terry R. from our fiends, friends at Crye-Lieke could be behind any of this? What is left UNSAID is how many people are crying out for purchase in Garfield Place..

In Mr. Williams favor, at least he knows there IS a Salemtown and that we are NOT backyard burghers of Germantown. I’ll give him points for that.


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Hurricane Porn

Hurricane Porn is a term, new to me, that is popping up in blogs around the country. Most of us are concerned about what has happened and is still happening on the Gulf Coast. Some of us will actually DO something about this. Along with compassion there is also a voyeuristic side endlessly fascinated with disaster, flying debris, and people clambering to their rooftops waiting for rescue.

Beyond the ‘trainwreck attraction’ common to most of us are three levels of Hurricane Porn exhibited in the coverage and aftermath of Katrina.

1) Idiot weather/newscasters standing out in gale-like windstorms macho/machette like telling us that it is ‘REALLY WINDY OUT HERE’. The high-point of these shots is when roofing material flies by to show us how bad it really really is. Any moron knows that hurricanes really BLOW. The story is the effect of the hurricane on the PEOPLE who live in the stricken area – not in some parking lot rimmed with nearly prostrate palm trees.

2) Blanket statements that ‘all looters should be shot’. Yeah, there are a lot of opportunistic people out there. This is not the time (nor is there any time) to be five-finger-discounting TV sets or stereo components. This is called stealing. On the other hand, if your food supply is destroyed and you don’t have clean water to drink, maybe taking bottled water and foodstuff is a little more understandable and justifiable. Nuance is often missing in porn.

3) Price gougers (who deserve their own circle in hell) actually may deserve to be shot. Seriously, anyone who would triple the price for any items (plywood, water, gas) in scant supply before or after a hurricane is despicable. There are many heroic people heading down to the coast to help, feed, and rescue the victims of Katrina. My wish is that price gougers would be jailed and forced to watch videos of the compassionate acts of people who don’t have to do anything at all but choose to come to the aid of their fellow man.

God bless the survivors and people coming to their aid.

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Music for a rainy Sunday afternoon

You’ve read the paper and you can’t take anymore bushbast. You know you SHOULD go out and do something approximating exercise, but, oh DARN, it’s raining.

If there were such a thing as musical intelligient design there would be certain songs, certain artists and certain sounds that were created for a rainy Sunday afternoon. My current favorite is a Annie Lennox sounding song by 46Bliss (In a Long Time).

I don’t want to be mellowed into mush and I don’t want AC/DC pounding my cerebellum (what little bellum is left). I do want to drift and not have to think too much.

5 other bands/songs that fit the bill:

5. Zero7 – Particularly the Simple Life CD

4. Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (accoustic, somewhat dark and wonderfully haunting)

3. Josh Rouse – Nebraska (what is it about that state?)

2. Patty Griffin – 1,000 Kisses

1. The high-priestess of rainy Sunday afternoons (and actually any day that contains the letter ‘Y) is Billie Holiday. If you don’t own any B. Holiday, rain is no excuse. Go to Grimey’s or Tower, NOW.


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But, I don’t wanna drive the pink car….

Rumor has it that Quentin Tarentino is in Bristol to watch tonight’s Bristol Sharpie 500 race. Apparently he was ‘adrenalized’ by a ride-along with a real NASCAR driver for a few 180 mph laps recently at the 1/2 mile track known for wall-banging and paint transfers.

Any chance in the near future we’ll see ‘Bristol Dogs‘, starring Harvey Keitel as the late Dale Earnhardt and Steve Buscemi as the ‘Rainbow Warrior’??

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It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry..

Actually if you get on THIS train, you’ll be dancing – King Elio Boom’s infectious call to disorder and train jumping…I love the guitar.

After yesterday morning, we needed a laugh. A highly recommended path to laughter: The 40 Year Old Virgin. Too damn funny.

Post-movie (yeah, we love those ‘cheap’ matinees) we went Back to Cuba, which is well worth leaving 440 Loopville to eat some of the best plantains and pot roast and coffee (etc.) you’ll find in Nashville. Prices fit in with the aformentioned cheapness..

Day Beginning: D-, Day Ending: A+

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Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged the phone across my head..

When the phone rings at 5:00 AM there are only two possibilities:

1) Wrong Number. When we moved to Salemtown one year ago, we were given a phone number that had been assigned to Warner-Chappel Music Publishing Company, particularly to the section that dealt with song-pluggers. Warner-Chappel (WC) hasn’t used the number for over two years. Despite the two-year lapse, hopeful songwriter/singers from all over the world in ALL time zones (including the weird ½ hour off time zone in Newfoundland) are used to calling the number formerly known as the WC. We get 10-20 calls a day (and night) for WC and even include the fact that this IS NOT Warner-Chappel on our answering machine. So, a 5:00 phone call could reasonably be assumed to be a wrong number.
Bad news.

Today’s call fell into category #2.

I know that many people have had/are having a bad/odd/bizarre summer, so I don’t want anyone to think we’ve had it worse than anyone else, but as the announcer queues today’s theme song (that song by Travis concerning rain), let me recap our summer.

1) Daughter totals our car. Technically, daughter’s boyfriend totaled the car, but since it was HER responsibility and she wasn’t supposed to let him drive (he was visiting from out of the country and does NOT have a license), I’m holding HER responsible.
2) Daughter’s boyfriend is banged up in aforementioned car wreck and is taken to Floyd County Hospital in Rome, Georgia (where my daughter lives). He has bruises and lacerations. He is cleaned and bandaged, but not given any antibiotic. The laceration in his scalp is cleaned and stapled.
3) Four days later when his arm is literally hot with infection he is taken to Southern Hills hospital, where he is treated with antibiotics. Southern Hills personnel are amazed and aghast that he was given no antibiotics at Floyd County.
4) Boyfriend returns to Floyd County for staple removal. He does not speak much English. The HIPAA privacy form was not translated for him, and he refused to sign it until he has the form translated. Hospital personnel refuse. Much like in the movie ‘Crash’, the situation escalates and he is asked to leave. Moments after leaving, he is arrested and beaten for allegedly assaulting my daughter (a RIDICULOUS charge, subsequently dropped). He is shanghaied to Floyd County Jail. The policemen on the scene refuse to tell my daughter where he is being taken. Remember that he has little English and none of the policemen involved speak Spanish.
5) 5:00 AM phone call the subsequent morning. Not a wrong number, but my daughter telling us that her boyfriend is in jail and we need to come down and bail him out. We do just that and have to wait 7 hours while the jail is handling the paperwork.
6) The following week I am on vacation in Texas where I nearly pass out. After several trips to the hospital, it is discovered that I have an intermittently bleeding ulcerated portion of my stomach. I get ‘opened up’ and I leave Texas 10 days later with less stomach than when I arrived.
7) My wife, a Metro teacher, loses her summer job when she comes down to Texas to minister to me.
8) Soon after coming home, my daughter calls to tell me that she is in the hospital with a high-grade infection. Eventually, and one hospital visit later she has to have an operation to repair some of the ‘wiring’ feeding a kidney.

I was thinking that the dark cloud that had pervaded our personal weather was finally moving on. My daughter is healing and back in school, charges against her boyfriend were dropped except for a minor misdemeanor, I’m back at work and my wife is back teaching art.

Cue laughter and today’s 5:00 AM phone call. A certain close relative of ours had partied a bit hard down in the Boro celebrating the beginning of the new MTSU school year and was somehow tangentially involved with what turned into a barroom brawl. From the lovely Rutherford County Detention Center he spoke the words ‘Could we please come down and post bail?’. One of the two adult members in our family suggested that we might just leave him there for a while, but the court date isn’t until October and MTSU starts on Monday. So, we sleepily trundled down to the Boro. AAAA Bail Bonds is right across the street from the detention center. The friendly efficient proprietor, Melissa, knows how to handle parents whose stress level equals a potential house/lot purchaser in Salemtown who sees the Crye-Leike price tag for said item. She had us all on our way a scant 30 minutes after arrival.

Even though summer isn’t over until late September, I’m hoping that Labor Day portends the end of this hovering dark cloud. I know that I should pray that the dark cloud dissipates, but I’ve got a few candidates to whom I wish that our dark cloud-dom cup would pass. If you’ve read this far, you can probably guess who THEY are…


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