I wanna take you Miers…

Poor George, his right flank is revolting and the left is snickering. Two days ago George played the ‘religion’ card, and then yesterday lapdog McClelland accused the press of overemphasizing the religious angle. Apparently Andrew Card is no Karl Rove when it comes to serving as the brains of the joint.

Yesterday, National Review Online officially opined: “The prudent course is for Miers to withdraw her own nomination in the interests of the president she loyally serves.”

From the left, in today’s NY Times, Maureen Dowd has a great line.

Laura gave the fidgeting and blinking president support on the “Today” show on Tuesday, telling Matt Lauer that criticism of Ms. Miers might be sexist.

That’s silly. The conservatives want a female justice – they just want one who will be reliably certain to influence the court to curb women’s rights.

My question: How can a President (and his staff, including Miers) make such a savvy selection, John Roberts, and then absolutely screw the pooch with Harriet ‘oh George you’re the Greatest’ Miers?

Is the reason a variation of the old real estate chestnut? proximity, proximity, proximity?

HT to NRO and Maureen Dowd (I love putting both of those in the same sentence).


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  1. Well the answer is at the White House Radio Address site. George lays out his vision for the world for everyone to see!

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