Those darn Downing Street Memos & A bonus from Maggie

In yet another Downing Street memo HERE,

George Bush told the Prime Minister two months before the invasion of Iraq that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea may also be dealt with over weapons of mass destruction, a top secret Downing Street memo shows.

The US President told Tony Blair, in a secret telephone conversation in January 2003 that he “wanted to go beyond Iraq”.

He implied that the military action against Saddam Hussein was only a first step in the battle against WMD proliferation in a series of countries.

Mr Bush said he “wanted to go beyond Iraq in dealing with WMD proliferation”, says the letter on Downing Street paper, marked secret and personal.

This may come as a BIG surprise to our buds in S. Arabia, but if one is REALLY interested in attacking the 9/11 culprits, one would do well to go after S. Arabia, particularly the Wahabi gang wielding enormous influence there.

And I thought those ‘4 More Wars’ bumper stickers were just so much exaggeration…

In other English news, despite her public support of the war in Iraq, former Prime Minister Thatcher, told her former chairman of the Arts Council, Peter Palumbo (as told to Tina Brown in a recent interview).

“I was a scientist before I was a politician, Peter,” she told him carefully. “And as a scientist I know you need facts, evidence and proof — and then you check, recheck and check again. The fact was that there were no facts, there was no evidence, and there was no proof. As a politician the most serious decision you can take is to commit your armed services to war from which they may not return.”


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