BuSH Team bingo

If you work in any kind of corporate or bureaucratic environment, you’ve probably heard of, or play the ‘Bullshit Bingo’ Game. There are several versions, but all incorporate buzzwords likely to come up in a meeting.

My particular ‘favorite’ buzzword is paradigm, particularly when coupled with the word ‘shift’. ‘Thinking outside the box’ should probably boxed away along with ‘let’s take this offline’, ‘bottom line’, ‘pro-active’ and ‘touch base’.

After watching the Republican News Channel a bit this past week, I’m seeing the ‘buzz-spin’ taking form, with the phrase ‘the criminalization of politics’ appearing with amazing frequency from the lips of the apologists. This defense of the outing of Valerie Plame and the anticipated indictments of Rove and Libby strikes me as particularly funny when considering that many/most of these same pundits were solemnly asserting that the ‘rule of law’ is paramount when considering the foibles of Clinton and his prevarications about White House blow jobs.

Listen carefully over the next few days and see how many times you hear ‘Criminalization of Politics’ in reference to Plame-Gate. Today on Meet the Press, Senator Hutchison (R-Texas) began a new strain of the spin disease when she opined that one can hope that Prosecutor Fitzgerald’s indictments are not based on trivialities like perjury or somesuch. Hutchison wasn’t so pithy as to summarize her thoughts into a clever quip like ‘criminalization of politics’, but her pre-emptive defense of Libby’s legal woes is high comedy for those who remember the Republic spin-team’s Starr-Chamber attacks on Clinton’s false witness. Her ‘defense’ of perjury would defy credulity if one lived in a vacumn, but just watching the Bush byters over the past few weeks, chiefly Press Secretary McLelland, makes me wonder if the word SPIN should be replaced by Hurricane.

Spin all you like but the simple fact is that Wilson’s wife was outed for vengence. The spinners are all screaming that Wilson is a liar, but HE told the truth about uranium and ‘yellow-cakes’. For reasons yet to be uncovered, the Bush gang wanted and planned this war from the onset of the administration. ‘9/11’ was a great cover despite the fact that nearly every one of the 9/11 murderers came from Saudia Arabia and not Iraq.

So, to the list of BS bingo words, let’s add ‘criminalization of politics’ and ‘trivial indictments’ to the list already highlighted by ‘9/11’ and ‘war on terror’.

I’m listing below my favorite words used in the business version of BS Bingo.

# Synergy
# Strategic fit
# Core competencies
# Turbulent environment
# Out of the box
# Pushback
# Bottom line
# Revisit
# Take that off-line
# 24/7
# Out of the loop
# Benchmark
# Value-added
# Proactive
# Bandwidth
# Win-win
# Think outside the box
# Fast track
# Results-driven
# Paradigm
# Empower (or empowerment)
# Knowledge base
# At the end of the day
# Touch base
# Mindset
# Client focus(ed) or Customer focus(ed)
# Ballpark
# Game plan
# Scenario
# Leverage
# Cascade
# Sequential or sequentially



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2 responses to “BuSH Team bingo

  1. Is it not sad that the current administration appears to feel that the strength of its arguments cannot stand up to the strength of its opponent’s arguments and it must do a character assassination on anyone who disagrees?

    I had a friend who was a farmer who joined other American farmers to drive their tractors to Washington to complain about farm policy. He said that farmers are so independent that you could be walking across a neighbor’s pasture with your neighbor. You notice a good size piece of wood lying in the grass and stoop to pick it up to toss it to the edge of the field to keep it from possibly hurting the owners equipment. He said the owner would put his foot on the wood and say something like “That is my damn wood and keep your damn fingers off it.” You can do that with impunity if you live on a farm or ranch as long as you pay your bills and are able to keep your land. If you live daily with a group of people, called neighbors, you can be as independent as the farmer, but at some point, somebody is going to push back. Just being strong and independent does not necessarily make you right. Further being right and being a good neighbor may be mutually exclusive. Sometimes it worthwhile to do the first and sometimes the second is worthwhile.

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