My inner sheep – mmmmmmmmmm cheesecaKe

The other night, my wife and I went to see ‘Everything is Illuminated’ (well worth seeing) over in my old neighborhood – Green Hills. We got over there early enough to grab some grub before the flick. Apparently my Inner sheep felt compelled to walk in the rain along with about 143,000 people to Green Hills newest trendoid – The Cheesecake Factory. We noticed a wee bit of a line. We saw the pictures…mmmm.

Primal Pavlovian response..hundreds of us baaaaing in line..and then we were told..We were told that there would be a freaking THREE and 1/2 HOUR WAIT!!!

Needless to say, we curbed Pavlov and the inner sheep and hied it on over to Cheeseburger Charlies to at least get a modicum of cheese.

Three and a half HOURS…what would I wait three and 1/2 hours for????

1) Jesus
2) Beatles reunion (all freaking four of em’)
3) My wife (she occasionally reads my blog) – in all fairness, she is pokey but has never kept me waiting all that long
4) A private meeting with keira knightley
5) Cheesecake at the mecca of Cheesecake – Junior’s in Brooklyn



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2 responses to “My inner sheep – mmmmmmmmmm cheesecaKe

  1. I don’t even know if I’d wait 3 1/2 hours for Junior’s.

    And I love me some cheese.

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY! So glad its finally open,…trips to atlanta were getting a little pricey:)

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