Today’s theme song comes Richard and Linda Thompson..

Their incredible album (CD for all you youts) ‘Shoot out the Lights’ contains the prescient tune ‘Did she jump or was she pushed?’

Harriet, we hardly knew ya…but we knew enough…



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5 responses to “Today’s theme song comes Richard and Linda Thompson..

  1. Lee

    Sorry to get random, but I saw your post on Tiny Cats Pants concerning My Morning Jacket.

    It was good but not great: some good songs but repetitive about half way through. But the potential really was there.

    I’ve heard Z is more ecletic, and much better. If so, how’s the new sound different?

  2. better guitars, actually melodies and a lot less droning than on the first CD..I thought the first CD was interesting, but I really didn’t wanna hear it much after the first few plays.

    This one has power and some really strong southern-mash-power-pop. I believe they had some personnel changes between the first CD and this one.

  3. Lee

    Sweet. Thanks a lot.

  4. Shoot Out The Lights is an all-time obscure classic. What could be more compelling that putting the dissolution of a marriage to music and capturing all that tension on vinyl?

  5. Break up songs are usually so much more interesting than the lovey-dovey stuff…witness the Boss on Tunnel of Love..

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