See you in the funny papers?

Today’s words to live by come from the comic strip ‘Get Fuzzy’.

“My strength is that I can laugh at myself, Bucky”
“Your weakness is that you don’t have a choice!”

Would that I had a choice…

But, what I want to know is this: Does anybody under the age of 30 read the funny papers/comics? I don’t mean comic books, but the comic strips found in the pages of your daily paper.

I’ve read the funnies since I was six years old. I grew up with the Nashville Banner and migrated to the Tennessean when I was in college. I’ve read either the Banner’s funnies or the Tennessean’s funnies pretty much every day to this day (when I’ve been in town).

My kids barely read the paper, much less the funnies. I don’t think their friends read the funnies. When I go to Bongo Java/Portland Brew/Kijijis/Starbucks I don’t notice any of my fellow loiterers reading the funnies (not that I sneak around furtively looking over their shoulders).

Other than Cal Thomas on the Op-Ed page who makes me laugh unintentionally, and the occasional sports piece claiming that THIS is the year that Vandy football is going to a bowl, I can’t think of anything in the paper funnier or more pleasurable than ‘Get Fuzzy’, ‘Zits’, ‘Doonesbury’, ‘Curtis’, ‘Red & Rover’ and the venerable chestnut ‘Blondie’.

Are the funny papers the newspaper equivalent of Matlock? Should they be sponsored by Depends?


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