Halloween in Salemtown

Last year we ran out of candy and had to ‘go dark’ before the end of the trick or treat processional. I love a neighborhood with lots of kids. This year we were READY.

We had 28 groups of Trick or Treaters including over 80 people. We had lots of Titans, several Titan cheerleaders, only one kid with a ‘Scream’ mask, 5 princesses, 1 Lucy Liu (whooohooo), 1 ladybug (S-TownMike’s adorable daughter who tried to give ME candy), 10 bandits and one BEAUTIFUL Catwoman. No ghosts or cowboys (i guess that’s my nostalgia…).

There was one 60ish woman with cat makeup who appeared with no kids in tow. We had two men who were driving by who saw our lights and pulled over and started laughing and asked for candy. They appeared to be in their 30s and thankfully not masked.

When I lived on Caldwell (close to Lipscomb) we had 1 or 2 trick or treaters each year. I know I beat this drum regularly, but having sidewalks makes a lot of difference…

Halloween in Salemtown….I love it.


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