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Rip Van Democrats finally wake up…

It took long enough, but after several years of being bullied by those mean Republicans (and yes, the Dems did it to the elephants when they were the majority), and being told ‘trust us on the Iraqi war’ and believing the ‘if you are against the terrorism, you have to stop them in Iraq balogna’ and just generally behaving like WIMPS, the Dems awoke from their 21st century slumber and started acting like an opposition party.

The Republicans have promised for 15 MONTHS to hold hearings on the use and misuse of spy data that led to the Iraqi War. It’s obvious that the foot-dragging was going to continue until after the war was over (let’s see..that should be around 2020). Minority Leader Reid used a little-known rule of the Senate and to make a long-overdue point.

Despite the overwrought reaction from the conservative pundits around here and elsewhere (Democrat’s imploding…Democrats commiting suicide????), the truth is that maybe, just maybe, the hibernating Dems have decided to come out of their cave and act like adults.

Bush campaigned against nation building and is now engaged in nation building. Rice and Rumsfield warned us that if we didn’t act soon, we’d be mushroomed into oblivion. There DEFINITELY WERE WMD, but then again, maybe not. Oh yeah, Saddam gassed the Kurds…the ramping up to the war was a twisted path and the Democrats pretty much followed the Republicans in lock step.

I’m grateful to see that the leaders of my party are acting like leaders. It’s ABOUT TIME!


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