Stop me, please stop me from attending a game and rooting for a team you care about

Its pretty much decided. I’m the COOLER. My beloved Commodores were on a streak of historic proportions. They had five straight home games and their record before the MTSU game was 4-0. I had been afraid to attend a Vandy game for many reasons. One was my friend Rob’s adage – ‘They’ll always break your heart’.

Of course I went. They lost. They broke my heart and they haven’t won a game since. But, they did come close last night losing to Florida in double overtime…why did the Commodores make such a great comeback in the fourth quarter to tie the game in regulation?? I quit watching the game when they fell behind by two touchdowns, THAT’S why!!

I don’t totally blame myself for the Titans this year. They’re pretty raw and bad without me, but I did manage to go see them play the Colts. Peyton tore them apart. The Colts really didn’t me in my cooler role, but I think I made it worse for the Titans.

Next it was the Preds. The Preds were flying high with only one loss in 9 games (and that loss was in overtime so they got a point). I go to see them play Edmonton – a weak team with a 3-6 record. My presence turned the Oilers into a team of gushing Gretzky-like turbo-nauts. Predators look AWFUL. They lost 5-1 and THEY HAVEN’T WON SINCE.

I thought briefly about going to see Hillsboro High School play last Friday night in their first play-off game. My kids all went to Hillsboro and I enjoyed many fun games (mostly wins) with the Burros. I thought better of my impulse to attend..

Hillsboro won the game and will probably advance to the state semi-finals at the very least…at least if I don’t attend any of their remaining games!


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