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You might be a Nazi, if….

Blake Wylie in a provocative post receiving a lot of attention stated that gun control was a hallmark of Nazi-ism and that modern day gun control supporters would do well to remember that fact.

I’m not sure that Blake carried his comparison far enough. As a public service to all you fascist-watchers out there, here are more Nazi-esqe tendencies*:

– hatred of ethnic and linguistic diversity
– the belief that great nations grow from a powerful military
– opposition to multi-culturalism
– belief that gays should be discriminated against and persecuted
– belief that the treatment of American Indians in the 1800s was a shining example of how minorities should be handled

I hope this helps.

Btw, if Blake wants to post pictures of AK47 bearing german shepherds taking target practice on Bosnian orphans, hey IT’S HIS BLOG! If he took the pictures, they’d probably be excellent photographs.

* taken from Wikipedia



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The sky really is falling for these kids…

Parents and children in a New York theater expecting to see ‘Chicken Little’ were more than a little shocked when a young man committed suicide in the opening scene of the movie. Seems the projectionist accidentally ‘spooled’ a 2001 movie from Spain entitled ‘Andrea’ which was most certainly not ‘G-rated’.

Read all about it HERE.

‘Andrea’….’Chicken Little’…I can see how the projectionist would get those two confused??? Would the projectionist had an easier time if the kids movie was entitled ‘Pollo Poco’?

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