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Monroe Doctrine nails it or It’s the WAHABI, stupid

I urge everyone to read The Monroe Doctrine’s post on religious persecution in Saudia Arabia. Our moral relativism in giving the Saudis a ‘get out of jail free’ card because of national interest’ is an issue that everyone, especially Christians, should understand.

A key problem many people have with the US response to 9/11 is the apparently willful misdirection of our military and economic resources. Afghanistan HAD to be attacked…no problem there. Afghanistan was the ‘ollie ollie ox in free’ base of the Taliban. But who funds the Taliban?

The fatwa-far-out-freaky-fundamentalistic Wahabi gang HEADQUARTERED in Saudi Arabia, largely financed with oil revenue, is the Move-Over sponsor of the terrorist world. Where do you think the 9/11 gang came from? Did you know that the Wahabi sponsor telethons to raise money for the families of suicide bombers? Didn’t we learn ANYTHING from ‘Deep Throat*’ (follow the MONEY!).

David Gordon, a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and a contributor to ‘The Journal of Libertarian Studies gets it.

“…the major threat from Islam … come(s) from a particular variety of that religion, Wahabism: “The Saudis have directly and indirectly funded the mosques and madrasas which preach hatred against the infidels—Jews, Christians, and above all Hindus—to young minds. . . . But for the Saudis to eschew or put a stop to this funding would undoubtedly create a Wahabi backlash in Saudi Arabia and end the dynasty. . . . For the rest of the world, the poison being spread by this Wahabi evangelism is becoming intolerable. . . . If there is to be an end to the ‘war on terror,’ this poisoning of the Muslim mind clearly has to stop”

Unlike Michael Moore, I don’t think the Bush dynasty is in ‘ conspiracy-bed’ with the Saudi dynasty, or clandestinely diddling with the Saudis. But, you gotta wonder why there isn’t more pressure put on the Saudi’s from this, the Christian administration?

*NOT Linda Lovelace, but the Felton dude who ‘sang’ to Woodward and Bernstein.



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