Begging the Question with The Real Ugly American

A recently discovered fellow Democrat (courtesy of Bob Krumm’s blog) seems nearly as disenchanted with ‘our’ party as I am. I suspect he’s a bit closer than I am to going over to the ‘dark side’.

Today the Californian Ugly American challenged Democrats to answer the following four questions:

1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in Iraq would be a good thing?
2. Isn’t that something the Democratic Party stands for?
3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first place?

If you ever wondered what ‘begging the question’ meant, look no further than these four questions.

Why don’t you ask THIS:
1) Do you think that every child in Africa should have access to clean disease-free drinking water?
2) Isn’t that something Americans stand for?
3) Don’t you think that these children deserve to drink water as clean as the water we drink here in the USA?
4) Do you prefer to ignore this problem and subjagate hundreds of thousands of African children to death by cholera?

Obviously..most of us would like Iraqis to be free and for the kids in Africa to have access to clean drinking water. Those really aren’t the questions.

Is it possible in the geo-political reality in the Middle East for democracy to exist in Iraq without the type of civil war that has plagued other politically divided countries for decades?
Is there any way to provide African governments and aid associations the money and technology to provide clean drinking water without the money being filtered through corrupt bureaucracies and graft-friendly politicos?

If you’re going to ask questions, let’s ask questions that don’t BEG the answers!



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9 responses to “Begging the Question with The Real Ugly American

  1. Lee

    Fair enough. Solid rebuttal.

  2. First the basics, glad you liked the Blog. I like yours as well at first glance and will be doing some background reading tonight. I am not ready to give up the fight for our party yet and have no plans on leaving. I have a feeling you and I agree on quite a lot. It looks like we are on the same team here.

    You also asked great questions and I am glad to answer them unequivocally.

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. No

    I do not here any dems calling for the end of financial aid to Africa. I do here them shouting “Let the Iraqis fend for themselves”

    Don’t you?

  3. Oh add trackbacks to the blog. We will prolly have quite a few subjects in common 8).

  4. Here’s where the Ugly Libertarian steps in and notes for the record that a great deal of the problem with the drinking water supplies in various African nations is because the dictatorships of those countries do not wish to spend money on filtration systems.

    If you weren’t in favour of getting rid of the Iraqi dictator, why would you be in favour of getting rid of dictators in the Central African Republic and other nations to ensure that the infrastructures can be fortified in order to give the people clean water?

  5. Katherine – your first paragraph is exactly what I was trying to say in my post. The question isn’t as simple as saying: do you want African children to have safe cleaning water. the question is: do you understand what has to be done to get them that water – and part of the answer to that question is to deal with African politicos who don’t want those filtration systems and if they do want the systems, they want graft/bribes as part of the deal.

    The second paragraph can be turned around to ask the same question to you in reverse: Why are we going after the Iraqi dictator when we are not going after the anti-democratic dictators in Central Africa?

  6. and the answer is obvious, the Iraqi Dictator also happened to be a sworn enemy of the United States, attempted to assasinate a former president of the United States, was the only world leader to openly celebrate the attacks on 9/11, was a well known sponsor of terrorism including groups that have attacked and killed americans, has well documented connections with Al Qaeda and their allies, has been documeted to have supplied safe harbor to terrorists who have attacked and killed Americans, was in violation of the cease fire agreement that he signed with us over 12 years before the recent resumption of hostilities, his military fired on American and allied war planes regulary, he was in violation of 17 separate UN sanctions, etc, etc, etc.

    Those are just the easy ones and they only add to the good liberal reasons for removing a dictator, and genocidal killer. In essence moving him to the top of the list for conservatives as well as liberals.

    But for some unfathomable reason to me, liberals are against removing this particular dictator simply because conservatives happen to be in power right now and happen to want to remove this dictator as well.

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