Let em’ try to eat Cheesecake

We ventured into the bowels of the Green Hills mall area last night to see “I Walk the Line” (not a bad movie – Nashville’s Reese Weatherspoon is amazing as June Carter Cash). The Green Hills Regal is still my favorite movie theater in Nashville because the place is kept clean and they don’t shy away from the indie pics not usually seen in mainline mall cinemas.

We went to an early feature (ok, I’m cheap). After the movie we wanted some grub. We didn’t even bother with The Cheesecake Factory because we saw the lines (the last two times we tried to eat at TCF, there was a 3 1/2 hour and 2 hour wait respectively). We ended up at David-Kidd ‘Bistro’)..not bad, if you don’t mind supping amongst the shopping.

Because I really do believe in capitalism and appreciate what it takes to make a profit (hey, it must have taken a LOT of work to get ALL the gas prices in Nashville to be exactly the same the Friday after Katrina hit!), I’d like to offer some suggestions to Cheesecake Factory and Davis-Kidd.

1) In order to keep the lines long at Cheesecake Factory, offer any pregnant woman a free meal for her entire family if she delivers before she is seated in the restaurant. In addition, if any woman conceives AND delivers before she is seated her family eats free for a year.

2) To Davis-Kidd: PLEASE MOVE BACK to Graces Plaza. The relaxed atmosphere of the old place has been replaced by the frenzied pace of mall shopping. Parking is a nightmare..actually, it would be a dream if there WAS any parking. I’m begging here..I loved the old Davis-Kidd. I’ve made an effort to acclimate to the new joint…it just doesn’t work.



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4 responses to “Let em’ try to eat Cheesecake

  1. I confess–I’ve not yet been to DK in Green Hills. First we were on vacation, and then I had the deadly puking-everywhere virus.

    Also, I was really upset about them leaving Grace’s Plaza. That location had a definite ambiance that I really think must be hard to replicate in a mallfront store.

    I was already kinda sad about the books being shunted to the periphery in order to make a bigger space for Burt’s Bees and windchimes. I so hope that they haven’t lost all their charm.

  2. I’m now at the stage where I think Borders and Barnes and Noble are better than DK. I never thought I would say those words…

  3. Lee

    Went to the Chesecake Factory for the first time up here in Louisville and ordered a Chicken Avocado Club sandwich. That SOB was sooo big, I lost my appetite just looking at it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can chow down with the best… but I don’t want to leave a restaurant feeling like I have a brick in my stomach.

  4. Cheesecake Factory is awesome however IMO no food is worth more then a 30 minute wait. Maybe it’s too much MTV who knows…

    Davis Kid moving was a bit of a shock. As much as I like Davis Kid and Agree it should NEVER be in a mall (and I’d rather see it in rivergate mall then Green (Stuck up ass, wanna be hip, daddy paid for your schooling, room, food, and finally had a friend of his hire you in the overpaid boring ass dark-wood desk job you have now + 2.5 kids and a had lots of work done wife.) Hills)

    I’ve must say that I haven’t been to a bookstore to purchase a book in years. I do like book stores but honestly half.com or Amazon.com used books are hardly read in all but prefect condition and $.50 – $9 bucks… I just bought all 6 of the Harry Potter books in hardback for $50 bucks. Sure I had to wait a week but if you NEED a book that badly go to the library till you get yours in the mail. 

    Speaking of that anyone noticed how nice the Grand Reading Room at the Downtown public is? My smart sexy (no work done and very hip) wife showed me a week or so ago… I’d seen it before but I would encourage anyone to spend a little time in there. It’s pretty great.

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