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Surprised Okie from Muskogee, or, Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman

Jeffrey Bedford lives in a small Oklahoma town near Muskogee. Jeffrey and family signed up for the ABC show ‘Wife Swap’. Imagine Jeffrey’s surprise when, after his wife is packed away, his new ‘wife’ shows up with a ‘Y’ chromosome (‘Y’ meeeeeeeee?). Jeffrey wants a lotta do re mi from ABC…read all about it HERE

ht: Bill Simmons Links (Sports Guy)



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Giving to Magdalene

I know that most of you who give through United Way have probably already made your pledge to the agency of your choice, but as we approach the pledge deadline (at least here at the state), you should consider the Magdalene agency for next year’s pledge (or for a worthwhile donation outside of United Way).

Becca Stevens, founder of Magdalen and priest of St. Augustine’s chapel at Vandy, and the staff of Magdalen work with prostitutes to provide care and shelter to achieve:

“Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, legal employment at a living wage, safe, permanent housing, improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health, reunification with the family and improved social functioning”

Magdalene has an amazing 87% success rate with the women who enter the program.

Becca is a hero, and her work cuts close to the marrow of pure Christianity.


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