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You can’t possibly make this stuff up..

Ultimate Christian Wrestling Tour…check out the Talent. Looks like ‘Dixie Dynamite’ might be coming after his barber..and I’m guessing that Dustin found God in a state-sponsored institution of some sort. I’m looking forward to the battle between Josh’s IQ and room temperature.

Soon to be pinning the devil in a town near where you live….

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Other job news you might have missed..

Thanks go NIT guest-host Rachel I heard the news that ex-FEMA head, Michael ‘heckuva job’ Brown is opening his own emergency management consulting agency. She left out some salient job news from other fronts, so I thought I would fill the breech..

Michael Jackson is franchising his own chain of child care centers. He’s calling his franchise ‘Billy Jean may not be my son, but I’ll treat him like one’ or ‘BJs’ for short.

In other Michael Jackson news, K-Mart is offering their annual Michael Jackson post-Thanksgiving sale…young men’s pants 1/2 off.

Former President Bill Clinton will be starting a new ‘Abstinence First’ foundation geared to teenage boys called ‘Do not have sex with that woman’. Clinton was set to make a speech celebrating the creation of the foundation, but something came up.

President Bush is prepared to name televangelist Pat Robertson as the next ambassador to Venezuela. The President is also prepared to nominate Harriet Miers to the Supremes now that Diana Ross has left to start her own driving school.

more news as it happens…


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