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Good dog vs evil dog

Sparky, our Australian Terrier for whom I expressed thanks in an earlier post, secretly channels messages from Scooter Libby. In the top picture, despite his docility and willingness to pretend he is enjoying the normal doggie-human interaction, you can see the sly look. In the bottom picture, taken a few minutes later, Sparky is attempting to pass on a special message from Libby attempting to out another covert agent. Luckily I was shielded!


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Should I stay or should I go, or, On or Off track in Iraq

I’ve generally been one of the middling, ‘we shouldn’t have gone, but now we can’t leave’ people regarding US presence in Iraq. Here’s a guy who knows a helluva lot more than I do about the situation who says we should go NOW – Gen. William E. Odom, the head of the National Security Agency during the Reagan administration.

“Everything that opponents of a pullout say would happen if the U.S. left Iraq is happening already”

According to Odom:

The US invasion of Iraq only serves the interest of:

1) Osama bin Laden (it made Iraq safe for al Qaeda, positioned US military personnel in places where al Qaeda operatives can kill them occasionally, helps radicalize youth throughout the Arab and Muslim world, alienates America’s most important and strongest allies – the Europeans – and squanders US military resources that otherwise might be finishing off al Qaeda in Pakistan.);

2) The Iranians (who were invaded by Saddam and who suffered massive casualties in an eight year war with Iraq.);

3) And the extremists in both Palestinian and Israeli political circles (who don’t really want a peace settlement without the utter destruction of the other side, and probably believe that bogging the United States down in a war in Iraq that will surely become a war between the United States and most of the rest of Arab world gives them the time and cover to wipe out the other side.)

Agree or disagree, definitely worth taking the time to read – HERE.

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The Steve Gill prayer…

Actually there are two Steve Gill prayers. The first is Steve’s own: ‘Dear God, PLEASE let Bredesen propose a state income tax…please, please please.’

Gill, who is considering a run for the governor, may talk about ethics, but truth is, he’s a one-trick pony. Buried in today’s Tennessean story on the next governor’s race is this gem from Gill:

‘most second-term governors at least “flirt” with the idea of an income tax, which people might be wary of in a Bredesen second term’.

You can practically see the Gill-wheels spinning..even if he (bredesen) doesn’t propose an income tax, I’ll start talking about it and then talk about it some more and maybe some of my sheep, er, listeners will buy it. Gill has ridden the income-tax bete’ noire’ for several years and he’s hoping that the ride will continue through the election.

The fact is that Bredesen is not coming any closer to proposing an income tax than Van Hilleary being asked to join Mensa, but the facts shouldn’t get in the way for Steve-a-rino.

The serious candidate is Beth Harwell, but if she runs this time, it’s only to get some name recognition for either the NEXT run or a Senatorial run.

The other Steve Gill prayer is mine: Please, Steve, run. I want him to run for the same reason I wanted Pat Buchanan to run for president and Pat Robertson to run for president. I want them to be totally repudiated. I want their vote totals to be an embarrassment for generations to come. I want them to see that even though the country may be skewing conservative, that their extremism has no traction.

I actually like Buchanan..don’t agree with him much, but he is a thinker and his oppostion to the Iraqi war is second to no one. His extremism played well in New Hampshire once, but like a Steve Gill thought..it runs out of gas when examined closely.

So, run, Steve, run. Your lack of originality will be completely exposed and you’ll be lucky to carry Williamson county. It still cracks me up that for a while, he called his radio show ‘a no-spin zone’. My spin is that is that we already have a Republican governor..name of Bredesen, and he wins in a walk.


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