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The pontiff wants to wear my red shoes

Sharon Cobb got to this story before me, but I’m nothing if not redundant..nothing if not redundant.

According to a recent UPI story:

Pope Benedict XVI is developing a reputation as a clotheshorse with his taste for Prada shoes and designer sunglasses.

The Tablet, a Roman Catholic newspaper in England, points to the new pope’s expensive sunglasses, which Vatican officials say were a present. He has also been spotted in baseball caps and red shoes from Prada.

What else is this guy hiding besides those red Pradas under that robe..and a pair of Oakleys on top of his head under the mitre?

I’m guessing that the pope doesnt’ have to pop pesos for his Pradas, but I’d love to see him in a commercial touting sunglasses: “I’ll SEE you better now that I’ve got my Oakleys!”



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Salemtown’s halfway house

He’s a real half-way man, living in his half-way land…probably drinking half and half. This is an example of the kind of develpment we DON’T need in Salemtown. A skinny house crammed into a half lot. Much of the building material is low-cost and ugly, yet the asking price is over 300K.

The back of the house does resemble a minimim security jail given the odd placement of the windows (maybe they didn’t want to look at my house which is directly behind this one!).

Seriously, there is a lot of good construction going on (and about to happen) in Salemtown (see HERE and HERE for two examples. The fact that Crye-Leike is involved with this house is no surprise given their poor stewardship here in S-town.

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Quote of the day…

Sports Reporter commentator Roy Johnson, decrying a lawsuit against a football coach in New Jersey for leading his team in a group prayer before the game:

“……in a time in sports when we wonder where our role models have gone, is it really so bad to ask our young athletes to simply look up”

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