The pontiff wants to wear my red shoes

Sharon Cobb got to this story before me, but I’m nothing if not redundant..nothing if not redundant.

According to a recent UPI story:

Pope Benedict XVI is developing a reputation as a clotheshorse with his taste for Prada shoes and designer sunglasses.

The Tablet, a Roman Catholic newspaper in England, points to the new pope’s expensive sunglasses, which Vatican officials say were a present. He has also been spotted in baseball caps and red shoes from Prada.

What else is this guy hiding besides those red Pradas under that robe..and a pair of Oakleys on top of his head under the mitre?

I’m guessing that the pope doesnt’ have to pop pesos for his Pradas, but I’d love to see him in a commercial touting sunglasses: “I’ll SEE you better now that I’ve got my Oakleys!”



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2 responses to “The pontiff wants to wear my red shoes

  1. The Pope wears Prada, yet the Catholic Church came out with tough language against the gay priests. When do they serve the mixed messages, before or after communion?

  2. Anonymous

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