From Wodehouse to just House, from twit to wit – Hugh Laurie mashup

Netflix delivered to me a wonderfully juicy opportunity for juxtaposition tonight…Volume 2 of Season 1 of the Adventures of Bertie and Jeeves based on the writings of the great comic master P.G. Wodehouse. What’s the juxta-twist? Hugh Laurie, star of ‘House‘ also stars as Bertie of whom it could be easily said:

He had just about enough intelligence to open his mouth when he wanted to eat, but certainly no more

Bertie is the cheerful witless uber-twit who, when paired with the classically trained valet Jeeves serves up some of the funniest plots since that vixen Eve derailed Adam via his apple.

Contrast Bertie with Dr. House and what you get is total admiration for Hugh Laurie who handles both roles with complete aplomb and somehow makes each character fit like skin on a snake.

I watched Bertie and House back-to-back and nearly got whiplash – twit to wit in 60 seconds. Kudos to Mr. Laurie and continued thanksgiving for the master – P.G. Wodehouse.

Every author really wants to have letters printed in the papers. Unable to make the grade, he drops down a rung of the ladder and writes novels.



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4 responses to “From Wodehouse to just House, from twit to wit – Hugh Laurie mashup

  1. Not to mention “Black Adder”.
    Almost makes me want to subscribe to Netflix just see “Jeeves and Wooster” again. Aunt Agatha never did get Bertie married off, did she.

  2. I have LOVED Hugh Laurie since first seeing him in Blackadder in 1991. If you haven’t seen Blackadder 3 and Blackadder Goes Forth, you’ve missed some of the funniest TV ever. Period. And some of Hugh Laurie’s best comedic work.

    Between House and J&W I vastly prefer J&W, only because after so many years of hunting down every tiny thing he ever did, it weirds me out to hear him speak without a British accent.

    There are times when I watch ‘House’ and at his meanest moments picture him banging out “47 Ginger-Headed Sailors” on the piano, just to make myself laugh at the incongruity.

  3. House is my hero. He and Dr. Cox from Scrubs could open up a clinic treating people who suffer from either sarcasm deficiency or a sunny disposition.

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