Good grief – Congress investigating flawed Bowl Championship (BCS) process

One of Jon Stewart’s great lines: In times of crises, it is important that Congress looks like they are taking action.

I hate the BCS as much as the next sports loon but, you gotta think there are more pressing matters or for that matter how about just staying home for the holidays.

These hearings were called, of course, by a Republican (Congressman Joe Barton, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee). I can only hope that fellow-Texan Congressman Tom ‘Gerrymander’ DeLay is not on the committee. If his football justice is akin his redistricting skill, Texas will play Texas A&M for the national championship next month.



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3 responses to “Good grief – Congress investigating flawed Bowl Championship (BCS) process

  1. Someone probably convinced a few politicians that BCS = Best Congressional Selections (*snark*)

  2. I swear they do this taxdollar-wasting-krep (See Baseball Hearings) just to meet people. Politics is showbusiness for ugly people. This is how they meet their sports stars and movie stars and (if they care) rock stars.

  3. Lee

    Ky’s Senator Mitch McConnell is a U of Louisville grad, so when Louisville was having great seasons, but was playing in C-USA, he tried this a few years ago. I wonder, now that U of L is in the Big East, if his opinions have changed.

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