Sushi-time with Big, Bad Ivy

Today it was my total pleasure to share a table with Ivy (and her brother – Zach) at Samurai Sushi down on Elliston Place. Not only was I dining at the best sushi joint in NashVegas but I’ve received an early Christmas gift – a new friend.

As I’ve mentioned before, eating at Mr. Choo’s joint is partaking in one of Nashville’s treasures. I can also hardily recommend hanging with Ivy.

Not one word was said about Christmas vs. Holiday…..good times!



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2 responses to “Sushi-time with Big, Bad Ivy

  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! ;-p

    I was going to rice to the occasion to make some sort of fishy joke because I generally can’t kelp myself.

    But I couldn’t think of anything.

  2. Lee

    Katherine, you a such a dork. I love it.

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