Predators or Prey, or You know, the word ‘suck’,

I’ve been to two Predator games this year. Predator opponents, in those two games, have scored a total of ten points. If you were to judge the Predator’s season by those two games you would think that a minor league hockey team somehow had been drafted to play in the NHL. Fortunately, the Predators play much much better when I’m not in attendance.

Considering that the loss was compounded by knee strains to two of the teams better players (David Legwand and the incomparable goalie Tomas Vokoun), I’m thinking that the folks scanning the tickets may be supplied with my picture and instructed to call security upon my appearance…and I’ve still got 10 games to go on my ticket package.

Some would say that the Predators play last night ‘sucked’. If you were an alien and the first contact with the human race was at a hockey game you would leave believing that the word ‘suck’ must be the central nexus through which our language unfurls.

I’m not offended by ‘suck’. Anyone, anywhere can post it on a sign, a commercial, a blog and I won’t even blink. On the other hand, I’m SICK of the word. Can’t we come up with something new? I’ve been to hockey games for all seven seasons of Predator’s existence, and other teams players have been individually and collectively ‘sucking’ for all those years. We get the word ‘sucks’ after each opponent is announced. We get the sing-song chant with the goalie’s name ending triumphantly with the word ‘SUCKS!’. Has our collective imagination been sucked so dry that we can’t come up with a new derogative? To paraphrase the sucky Huey Lewis, ‘We need a new WORD’.

Many are the insulting logisms and phrases, but sadly few are monosyllabic. You gotta have that one syllable punch when you follow the name of ‘Gretzky’ with an insulting slur.

So, I’m begging..put aside your feelings about the holiday vs. Christmas word-battles..set aside the polarity surrounding the war in Iraq – let’s put the great minds of this country, of the blog-world – let’s suck ‘suck’ from national discourse. Hey Tim W – I’m talking to YOU. Give us a new word!



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3 responses to “Predators or Prey, or You know, the word ‘suck’,

  1. Maybe someone could alert the Predators to the effect of your presence and have them attempt to buy out your contract.

  2. Joe

    Whew! I feel better… and yeah, the “suck” thing bothered me, too.

  3. Hi John,
    You really struck a nerve with me: I cannot stand the word “suck” in this context. To me it is one of those “catch-all” insults that people bandy about without understanding its etymology. (Or maybe they do and do not care.)

    A long time ago I took some summer classes at a community college and befriended this really nice elderly lady. She thought she was “hip, slick and cool” using the term “this sucks” when she didn’t agree with something. How embarassed she was when another elderly lady told her how offended she was to hear my friend say something so vulgar! (I’m going to write up a post on this, John–thanks.)

    As far as the hockey thing…I dunno. How about two syllables?


    I could imagine a bunch of drunk, aggressive hockey fans shouting this in semi-unison! 🙂


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