Black Santa throws down the java and flirts with a few bloggers

Black Santa apparently feeling the need to perform a public service announcement about washing up after recycling a latte at Portland Brew.

Black Santa hoping that everyone would leave so he could have some alone time with Big Bad Ivy, – ‘It felt GOOOOOD to be held by a real woman’- after crashing the Rutherford County Blogging and Knitting Society Meeting.

Black Santa is a little frightened to discover that there is actually someone as hyper as the author of this blog. He did promise to read at least 15 of Michelle‘s 37 blogs.

Black Santa also had the pleasure of hanging with Aunt B and hearing Mrs. Wigglebottom stories. Black Santa had hoped to pose with Aunt B for a picture but she basically threatened to roast his chestnuts if he came near. ‘A man can dream’ he was heard to say as he got in his 1958 Cadillac sleigh and flew off into the depleted ozone.



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3 responses to “Black Santa throws down the java and flirts with a few bloggers

  1. My husband noticed that it looks like I’m playing with Black Santa’s nipple in the pic! That’s probably why he was hoping for some alone time with me. 😉

  2. and here I was thinking he was just titillated by your laundry folding techniques!

  3. Sorry I scared him. I was hoping he had come bearing salty chocolate balls.

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