inch by inch, minute by minute, the days will be getting longer..

Is anybody loanin’
A little serotonin?

Anybody else got a dab or a full-tilt boogie S.A.D. thang going on?

It always hits in late November. By March, it’s like it never happened. But, in between it just seems so damn overwhelming.

Here’s to longer longer days…



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7 responses to “inch by inch, minute by minute, the days will be getting longer..

  1. Lee

    I get seasonal moodiness bad. About mid-January is when “moody” switches over to “damned depressed.”

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are down. I hope it will improve your mood to hear that I fixed your links and publicly begged for your forgiveness.

  3. Lee…
    Have you tried using a florescent light? I know that’s what they use in Portand and Washington when it rains for months on end to combat S.A.D.

    John…Try a few candles and Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced” with whatever you have in the house that might enhance that experience. Well, works for me. That and ten pounds of chocolate.
    Good news, though, coming in 07. DST will start 3 weeks sooner!

  4. I’m with Sharon. Jimi and some Jimi-enhancing substances. Good times, good times.

  5. Lee

    I prefer Phish’s “Lawnboy,” or Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash.” That’s my happy music. Though Jimi certainly is a good thing.

  6. Go to the “all seasons and brewing” in the Value vision shopping center in green hills. They have wonderful sunlamps that will help dramatically with your S.A.D (I have it too). The biggest reason why people have a hard time in the winter is the lack of uv’s and the lack of physical activity (people tend to forget that their is a lot to do during the winter,…you just have to dress warm).

  7. Anonymous

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