Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me?

When it comes to the fundamentals and laws of science, I generally don’t look to Maureen Dowd, Cal Thomas, Dwight ‘I’ve got one column’ Lewis, William Safire or other political commentators. If I wanna know about how oxycontin works I might approach the Lord of Limbaugh-Land. If I want to know why Ryan Howard is a better baseball player than Jeff Francouer, I seriously would consult Mark Rose.

The point I’m slowly approaching is: Why does the belief in the existence of global warming depend on where you lie on the political spectrum? Global warming either is or it ain’t, and all the gas-guzzling horsepowers in SUV land aren’t going to pull it down if it exists, and all the whale-hugging in the ocean isn’t going to create it from whole 100% organic recycled hemp-based cloth.

Where SHOULD a person look for information about global warming..hmmm…how ABOUT CLIMATOLOGISTS – the people who actually freakin’ study our climate.

Science Magazine decided to survey climatologists studies on the matter of global warming, and guess what? Out of 928 abstracts on climate change written between 1993 and 2003, every stinkin’ one of them said there was some type of global warming. 75% of the abstracts said that human behavior was responsible for the change, and the other 25% stated that there was global warming, but dealt only with the effects of global warming. NOT ONE abstract disagreed with the fact that some type of global warming exists. Even the ones that dealt with only the effects of global warming didn’t dispute the fact that the progress of global warming was human driven.

The political question shouldn’t be and can’t be the scientific question. The political question is what are we going to do about it?. At THAT point, brilliant minds disagree. Many people think that the Kyoto treaty was an overreach. I tend to agree with that position, but the alternative ‘do nothing and censor any document that comes out of the administration that states the effects of global warming’ is a sad position as well.

Here’s the link to the article in Science Magazine.

Just remember, they used to argue about whether the earth revolved around the sun or vice versa. Despite the pontifications of the pontiffs and other popular popinjays, science did win out.



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2 responses to “Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me?

  1. geophys55

    Global Warming exists because we have recently emerged from the Little Ice Age when people walked across the frozen Thames in London in winter and found pubs and eateries in the middle. That came after the Medival Warm period when Vikings grew crops father North than we are able to today. It was even warmer in the Roman Climate Optimum, which we know because some of those retreating glaciers have uncovered 2500 year old TREE TRUNKS.

    If you choose the abstracts carefully, accept model based predictions as conclusive proof and interpret no mention of the cause as acceptance of the anthopogenic nature of warming, then you might come to the conclusion that many climate scientists agree with the A in AGW. But Science never worked that way (before).

    You have to make statistically sound correlations of real data, not tout model based predictions.

    Models are not predictive, they are interpretive. They give you some insight as to key parameters, but magnitude is their glaring weakness. They were never meant to be a tool of political policy as they have become.

    There are tens of thousands of peer-reviewed scientists (myself included) who have put their names to a petition that calls the man-made nature of any warming into question.

    I may have no weight to throw around in a national argument, but you saying that we are shills of big oil or marginal eccentrics or mental deficients is lunacy when the names include Freeman Dyson and (the late) Edward Teller, among many others of similar gravitas.

    Even as we type, the climate is deciding for itself that warming is no longer the proper term. Solar observations tell us that recent lack of activity on the Sun is a warning of cooler times to come. That is Science based on a bedrock of four centuries of carefull observation, not computer based, non-reviewed, non-certified, loosely parameterized and frequently discredited models.

  2. geophys55

    four typos

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