My social life

For the 27th straight year since we moved back to Nashville, I was not invited to the Swan Ball. I think I actually may know one couple who may have been invited. I really don’t have the proper clothing for such an event, and to be honest, I totally enjoyed the party I did attend celebrating the med school graduation of one of my neighbors. I say this despite my wife (or perhaps because my wife) deserted me mid-party leaving me alone with 4 gay guys, 42 gay women and one other straight guy. My life style and wardrobe are far beyond ‘cool’ redemption, but despite the fact that I am immune to upgrade, I had some serious fun. The fact that I was clearly the 48th best dancer at the celebratory shindig did not deter my enthusiasm.. Next year, if I finally get the invitation to the Swan Ball, I’ll think I’ll pass…I’ll take Salemtown.


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  1. I’ve known a few Swan Ball invitees. It seems to mean far more to them than to anyone else.

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