Shills Gone Wild

I realize this issue has been refried more than a vat of beans at La Hacienda, but as a both large and small ‘D’ democrat, I would just like to iterate my discomfort at the level of discourse generated by political commentators who believe that posting pictures of political candidate’s partying offspring on the internet is a subject worth exploiting. If the boney-cocktail-dress-wearing-flamethrowing-rightwing-polemicist makes ya ill, then this kind of claptrap should as well.

Corker may well not be ‘the man’ for Tennessee. But, the fact that his 18-year-old daughter likes to party really doesn’t matter to me. If our ability to do our jobs can be gauged by the behavior of our offspring at parties, just think about what that says about YOUR parents.

I would advise the candidate to keep his daughter off the podium if he plans to make any derogatory remarks about the low standards of best-selling-videos hawked on cable TV. Of course, the ONLY reason I know anything about these videos is from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ when Larry calls Jeff while watching an ad and proclaims, ‘Jeff, turn on your TV, there’s college girls and they’re going WILD’…


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