Where’s Beevis?…we just found Butthead…

manière d’aller, l’Italie !, whoops, I mean…senso andare, l’Italia!



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3 responses to “Where’s Beevis?…we just found Butthead…

  1. what an idiot! still out of the 32 original teams, I guess Italy was about my 20th favorite- but well above France, so I’m happy.

  2. well- I was rooting for good old England all along (after it became obvious that Team USA couldn’t have beaten my daughter’s old NAIA college team. I was half-heartedly rooting for Italy until the idiotic head-butt..my whole heart was happy that Italy pulled it out, even though it still drives me crazy that a game of that magnitude is decided by a shoot-out.

  3. I was for England as well.

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