All-Star Game at an All-Star Park

After visiting Safeco Field in Seattle, I’ve now seen 31 major league ballyards. I’m a yellow-dog Yankee Fan and a history buff, so Yankee Stadium is naturally my favorite of the crown jewel ballparks (Yankee Stadium, Fenway and Wrigley), even though Wrigley is actually a better place to watch a game.

My favorite of the new ballparks was the site of last night’s All-Star game. Pittsburg’s PNC park (pictured above) has great sightlines, a great view and embodies the town in which it resides. I love watching games at PNC.

Tonight’s All-Star game was fun and actually managed to showcase much of the future of baseball. Baseball idiots fanatics like me know about the David Wrights and the Ryan Howards of this world…the casual fan might not know about these guys. Even a big fan of the game might not recognize the west-coast PST timezoned Juan Lopez, the up and coming All-Star second-sacker of the Seattle Mariners.

Every time a crisis threatens to consume baseball, a new wave of talent comes along and renews the game, just like spring training renews the hope of even the fans of such cellar-dwellers as the K.C. Royals.

David Wright and Ryan Howard, barring injuries, are future superstars and will long be remembered after the steroid crisis subsides (or after anyone even remembers how to spell Jeff Francoeur’s name…).

I enjoyed watching many of the World Cup games and really got into the head-butt finals, but the All-Star Baseball game is woven tightly into the American fabric and reminds me of what is good about our country – a neverending tide of young people of many races who continue to bring joy and hope into our lives…



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2 responses to “All-Star Game at an All-Star Park

  1. Was a true pleasure meeting you last weekend at the Mothership.

    31 Parks!!! Jesus, that’s a fine record. I envy you and appreciate your take on this.


  2. thanks, Ryan. I really enjoyed talking to you as well. I just wish you posted more! I hope to see you again at the Mothership or elsewhere.

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