If I could have any wish….Hilleary v. Hillary celebrity death match

Van ‘I’m thinking as hard as I can’ Hilleary in his first big TV commercial vows to fight Hillary Clinton ‘every step of the way‘. One presumes that he really doesn’t oppose her support of the Iraqi war or her pander-monius support of the Flag burning amendment. I understand that some faction of the Republican spin machine is sputtering advice to this year’s GOP candidates to alternate Hillary’s name with the mantra of 9/11..9/11..9/11, but are the voters of Tennessee really more interested in Van’s political pugilistic pop-offs re Hillary than they are in what-the-hell Van proposes to do if (God forbid) he is actually elected to the Senate?

I guess the ‘fighting Hillary’ theme is more politically correct than ‘protecting Tennessee from the Mexican hordes’, but either way, surely he’s not paying his political ad people too many pesos for this round of advertisements.

A few years ago, MTV had this hilarious claymation show called Celebrity Death Match which lampooned pretty much every celeb of the moment. They could do wonders with a claymation Hilleary v. Hillary match, but my fondest wish is that the two ‘Hills’ actually engage in one of these matches..it would be almost a no-lose proposition.

If Hillary C wins, Tennessee couldn’t elect this moke to the Senate and the Tennessee Republicans lose their dopiest candidate..if V. Hilleary wins I wouldn’t have to worry that the Democrats are going to throw themselves under the bus by nominating Hillary ‘McGovern’ Clinton for the presidency.

I really don’t know who I would root for..


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