See this movie!

We just saw a great movie and it wasn’t Pirates of the Caribbean.  That was last night and I can’t remember the last time I was so relieved to see a movie end.  It was fun and exciting but good grief – enough is enough!  How many leviathans does one movie need?

Anyway, tonight’s movie was The Heart of the Game, about a Seattle high school girls’ basketball team and their coach’s seven year battle for the state championship.  For some unknown reason, a guy started filming games and interviewing the coach and players and the story got progressively more interesting and he stuck with it for seven years and man, did it pay off.  Coach Resler is a maverick with an intense, animalistic coaching style, as well as a lot of love for his players.  Great movie despite the awkward camera work.  Highly recommended!



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3 responses to “See this movie!

  1. so now you’re pulling the big city deal on us, pimping movies that haven’t even come to Nashville yet..(c;

    I saw the preview for this last night at ‘Wordplay’ and decided within ten seconds of the trailer starting that this was a movie that I had to see.

    I’m a sports freak, as you know, and there are so fricking many cheesy same-plot sports movies out there. I love it when we get the verite’, esp. if the story works out serendipitously, or even when it doesn’t, i.e. Hoop Dreams, if the movie is well made. I’m really looking forward to seeing this..your review made me even more pumped to see it.

    btw..i added a link to the movie title. I normally wouldn’t mess with your post as a matter of rule, but i like to add links to movie or book or song references, if possible.

  2. Yeah, you need to show me how to do that!

  3. Lee

    Whoo-hoo, two for the price of one. Welcome Margaret.

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