Sick things that make me laugh

Thanks to Clicked, I found a link to a list of Japan’s 100 favorite historical figures. The list itself is pretty interesting and shows that the masses in Japan are just as screwed up as the masses in the good old USA. Princes ‘D’ ranks pretty high (higher than Einstein or Walt Disney). Their number one dude was basically a ninja warlord who conquered most of Japan way back in the day. John Lennon comes out better than Jesus (hey, he predicted this), while Thomas Edison is the highest ‘ranked’ American.

What made me laugh was the first comment posted to the blog that listed this top 100.

‘what, no Harry Truman?”



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2 responses to “Sick things that make me laugh

  1. The said thing is, almost nobody in Japan knows who Harry Truman is.

  2. A few times e wonder what the future will hold
    for me personally and my LINK BUILDERS skills. May Google enable me to persist as I in the morning?

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