He’s the worst councilman IN THE WORLD, or, isn’t it Ludye-cris..

“Sometimes i cant deal wit my daily issues” – Ludacris

North Nashville’s own Ludy-cris Wallace. Who else would sponsor a bill to build a landing pad for alien space ships? Who else would leave his constituency in the miasma of the waste treatment plant without publicly talking to anybody about the fact that this summer our neighborhood (and surrounding neighborhoods) just STINKS?

Who else would sell his vote for Kay Brooks as cheaply (closing an alley was the 30 pieces of silver here), selling out the folks around here who aren’t looking for a home-schooler to help steer our city schools. If his vote was on principle, we would just be disagreeing, but this sell-out WAS LUDYE-CRIS.

Who else would sponsor a bill requiring that grass not be allowed to grow past a certain height on private property and then be discovered with property untouched by scythe or mower?

Who else, when arrested for gambling in an illegal gambling club call it a consituent service visit?

I live across the street from the Metro Action Commission. Every morning elderly people line up to get vouchers for heating/cooling assistance. Ludye was one of the councilmen who voted to cut $260,000 from the MAC budget, so that each councilman could have their own discretionary ‘slush’ fund. I haven’t noticed Ludye apologizing to anyone in line…

Normally, I’m against term limits for any other elected office other than the executive, but in this case, I’m grateful for those limits…We need somebody who’s interested in the neighborhoods of North Nashville. Ludye may have served nobly in the past, but now, he’s the WORST COUNCILMAN IN THE WORLD…and we get to live with it…

Update: 7/19 – Based on a comment by Bill ‘blogging godfather’ Hobbs on Volunteer Voters, I have to take credit away from Ludye for the UFO landing pad bill and give the credit to a former councilman named Darden. Sorry, Mr. Darden (c;. I apologize to Councilman Wallace for this piece of erroneous info. I stand by the rest of my post.


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One response to “He’s the worst councilman IN THE WORLD, or, isn’t it Ludye-cris..

  1. okay i take it back, this wasn’t all that far down and i found it informative and fun to read. thumbs down to incompetent public officeholders everywhere.

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