They musta read the Kelo decision..

Chinese authorities in the coastal Zhejiang province recently tore down a Christian church building supposedly built without permission. According to this NY Times story twenty local residents were injured during the ensuing clash between church members and the police.

The district government carried out the demolition and arrested two people involved with the illegal construction according to law,” Xinhua quoted Qiu Youlai, a local official, as saying.

It said the church occupied an area in the booming industrial suburb where a commercial center was planned.

“Before demolishing the building, the government had negotiated with the Christians and offered a plot of land nearby for their use,” Qiu was quoted as saying.

A Christian businesswoman from Xiaoshan told Reuters on Monday that the local government thought the land was too valuable to build a church on.

And all this time I thought it was because they just hated religion..


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