New possibilities for Kay Brooks

Now that Kay has lost her legitimate bid for our school board, I’d like to suggest a new challenge for Kay. I’m thinking that the next time a vestry seat opens at St. Ann’s Episcopal she should manipulate her way into office. The mere fact that she does not actually attend St. Ann’s should be a mere trifle to Kay.


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One response to “New possibilities for Kay Brooks

  1. brilliant! local politics has never been so exciting, or so local!

    by that logic i could totally run for priest at any one of the catholic churches here in the small wormy non-apple we call Boston. I mean, I was baptised catholic so it’s my god-given right (as I understand these things). Then we wouldn’t have to worry about the Church not having any women or gay people allowed, because I’d have been Elected.

    Vive42 for the priesthood! (Next stops: sainthood, then godhead).

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