My other life..

I’m hosting over at Nashville is Talking this weekend. This would be the perfect opportunity for my sister to take the joint over and turn it into NRO jr.



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9 responses to “My other life..

  1. Wow, John!

    I was gonna volunteer to do the weekend NiT gig sometime, but you’ve set the bar too darn high!

    We spend half our weekends in Sewanee where we only have dial up, so there’s not a chance in hell I could keep up with the pace.

    Maybe I’ll sit at the Mothership and rip off Knuck’s wireless. Hope to see you there sometime soon.

  2. ahhh, you’d make a great host. I go a little nuts when i do this.

    Totally enjoy yer blog!

    Hope to finally meet you..Mothership works for me.

  3. John,
    You’ve done awesome this weekend. I probably look like a stalker on NiT’s site meter for all the times I’ve come over to look at your posts.
    Really excellent.

  4. Newscoma – here is a confession..i have no idea where or how to read NIT’s site meter!

    More importantly, if check your site meter, and know my IP address, you would quickly realize I only check your site 50-60 times a day..(c;

  5. I’m seein’ some sparks here! John meet Coma. Coma meet John.

    I’ll be the guy in the corner talking about some unfortunate place I peed or threw up…

  6. The two people commenting on this post, along with HUCK, comprise the bloggers I haven’t yet met that i want most to meet.

    I’m hoping there is a Mothership rendevouz in the future..if you are gonna go pee or throw up somewhere, THAT is the bathroom for ya..

  7. John and C, I am going to try to come up in a couple of weeks to Nash.
    I’ll let you know and we can do Dr. Funkenswine’s abode.
    Cee, if you throw up, I’ll throw up but I can talk about throwing up and any other stuff you so chose.
    I’m cool that way.

  8. John never does the bare minimum – good job blogging this weekend! U DA MAN.

  9. Oooh, another blogger meetup? I’m so there.

    You really did do an excellent job, J-Hutch. I was in Minneapolis for the weekend and I still followed along.

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