Steve McNair 2.0 or, Can you read this scoreboard?

It was a really humid 82 degrees. It was a crowd abuzz with anticipation waiting to see the Vince and Reggie show. It was mostly the Reggie show, and you’ve got to believe there were several thousand Texan fans watching the highlights on ESPN throwing up in their mouth when they saw Reggie break off that 44 yard run, or should I say 44 yard power glide. Man, Mario Williams (1st round draft choice of the Texans instead of Reggie B) has more pressure on him to perform than Perry March’s defense team.

Yeah, I was at The Colosseum LP field for most of the Titans v. Saints pre-season game, and I have a few observations.

I used to go to a lot of Hillsboro High School football games when my kids went to school there, and usually halfway through the season enough lightbulbs would burn out on the scoreboard to make the score nearly impossible to read. The Hillsboro high scoreboard at the end of the freakin’ season was easier to read than the endzone scoreboard at Titan’s, oop, LP field. I’m thinking that the Titanic powers that be are in the Phase II plan to impress upon the metro powers-that-be to pony up some green for a new scoreboard.

The new Titan’s cheerleader outfits are to good taste what those old USA Network movies that came on at 1:00 in the morning on Friday night are to Citizen Kane.

There are approximately 382 signs advertising LP (Louisiana Pacific) products in and around the stadium. The ‘signs-r-us’ banner sign for LP on the south-end scoreboard is CHEESY. Do you realize that we have a minor league baseball team in the Pacific Coast League, and now a stadium named after a company named after an ocean that probably most of the population in Nashville hasn’t seen?

Now that Pacman has moved from the roguish environment of Woodmont Blvd to the pastoral low-property-tax haven of Williamson county, he is only one mouth-sized piece of duct tape away from being a Pro Bowl cornerback/punt returner. The man can cover…He gave Reggie a Mongo-shot tonight that stopped Reggie like those brick walls stopped the coyote in a Road Runner cartoon. Pacman, of course, had to spoil the great play by putting the verbal smackdown on Bush instead of just going off and celebrating with his homies teammates.

Vince Young started out shaky. His second offensive series nearly featured the trifecta: his first complete pass, his first first down running from scrimmage and his first interception, but the Saint defensive back dropped the sure interception.

Later in the game, Vince threw a beautiful pass 50 yards in the air that was depressingly dropped by Roydell Williams. Yeah, Vince was a little shaky at first, and he has a lot to learn about throwing the ball away instead of trying to do to much and taking a sack, but even though his throwing motion is sidewinder instead of that ten-o-clock throw preferred by coaches throughout the known football universe, I truly believe that Vince is going to be Steve McNair 2.0 (new and improved…perhaps that is a prediction only a staggering prophet optimist should make, but I do believe, I do….



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3 responses to “Steve McNair 2.0 or, Can you read this scoreboard?

  1. Lee

    I think Young will be fine. The learning curve for a QB is much steeper than one for a RB. He probably won’t be up to speed until at least his sophomore year, but then…

    It oughtta be fun for Titan fans.

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking this is Billy V’s year, with Young the pupil in the so year overall, with next year the big payoff.

  3. Roydell missed his chance to be on every highlight reel in the world for the next 24 hours by dropping that ball…..

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