Is that an amorphophallus in your pocket, or hey, it’s been since 1939 so shut up (and hold your nose)

This post is about a Titan that really stinks. Not just kinda stinks, but waste-water-plant with a 4-day-backup-8-dead-skunks-in-the-middle-of-the-road rankness.

I’m not talking about any of our current Titans despite the fact that they continue to drop passes that literally are gifts from above dropping in their freaking hands.

I’m talking about a blooming plant in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden that hasn’t bloomed since 1939. It’s the amorphophallus titan and it grows up to 7 inches a day. It’s also known for it’s rotting corpse-like ‘scent’ and literally attracts hundreds, if not thousands of spectators a day.

Below is a capture from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden webcam that literally watches the smelly rarely blooming plant grow 24/7.

The plant was imported from Sumatra and can grow to a height of seven feet.

Now that T-Rac, our Titans mascot, may be in trouble for running over one of the Saint’s quarterbacks it might be time for a new mascot (probably not, since it was an opponent quarterback..but, if it was Vince Young, we would be sending flowers to the T-Rac family)…anyway, maybe this plant could be the new mascot..but only if it went to AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaay games.

ht: NY Times



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3 responses to “Is that an amorphophallus in your pocket, or hey, it’s been since 1939 so shut up (and hold your nose)

  1. Been sort of out of it.
    Did T-Rac purposely drive over the Saints’ Quarterback?
    Or is this a conspiracy or something, being that I dig conspiracy theories.

  2. nah, it was truly an accident. I didn’t see it happen, but I did notice that T-rac was driving his vehicle awfully fast going off the field…

    of course, I could be naive, and there was a conspiracy..but if so..why don’t you go after Brees, or Bush?

  3. I read about that flower. Ew. Of course, it would make a fine gift for someone you don’t like.

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