Yankees 123, Red Sox 10…and other news…

Ok, I realize this may disqualify me for friendship with more than one blogger, but I’m a Yankee fan and have been since, gasp..i’m old, 1960. Sadly, none of the early years were spent prenatally.

There are many highpoints in the sporting life…March Madness, NFL playoffs, World Series, but my absolute favorite is when the Yankees play the Sox. I lived in NY for several years and was able to get into ‘THE STADIUM’ for a few of those games, and I don’t think I’ll ever see anything like that again.

Anyway, the Yanks are playing up in Fenway in a rare 5 game series, and I do like the way this is starting out……(c;
In other news, self-confessed J.B. Ramsey killer, J Karr has also confessed to the Lindberg baby kidnapping, the murder of Marcia Trimble, an assist in the Perry March hide-the-body sweepstakes, and to making those eerie lights down in Chapel Hill.
The last 10 minutes of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ are worth the entire price of admission and more. The overall movie is uneven, but the casting is strong. Steve Carrill is pitch-perfect, and Toni Collette always brings something to the table. The crowed, including some in my party, were literally shreiking in laughter at the ending. This may be the only non-Disney movie I’ve seen where the vehicle plays a starring role (and is actually quite funny)
In more shocking news, I read today that one of the books on President Bush’s reading list is ‘The Stranger’ by Albert Camus. Since the neo-con thing ain’t working out so good, maybe the Prez is considering existentialism…nah, although I’m sure that the plot revolves around the murder of an Arab has NOTHING to do with the book choice…seriously, I’m nearly as surprised at this reading choice as i was last year when I read that Pacman Jones lived on Woodmont Blvd before he moved into the low-property-tax-haven of Williamson county.
In real news, The Young Democrats are playing the Young G.O.P. types today at Two Rivers Park at 10:30. Cookout follows. B. Krumm has promised to play, and I’m sure some other blogger-types will be on the field (Go Sean Braisted!).
I won’t be able to attend this afternoon’s meeting of the Middle Tennessee Bloggers Group at the Providence Theater in Mt. Juliet. Today’s meeting will convene at the 2:20 showing of ‘SNAKES ON A PLANE’
I’m heading out of town…sorry to miss the softball game and the SNAKES…



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3 responses to “Yankees 123, Red Sox 10…and other news…

  1. Any word on who’s reading Camus’ book to the President?

    Could it be W is having an existential crisis???

  2. luckily the only reason i have a fondness for the red sox is because i like rooting for the underdog. so i’d rather see em lose for another 20 years or so, to make it interesting again.

    well, i’m off to see snakes on a plane- hooray! hype!

  3. Snakes on a Plane.
    Aren’t we going through liquids on a plane for real right now?
    A friend of mine is so pissed they took some perfume of hers that was apparently very expensive and a gift.
    I guess its in a dumpster now out at BNA.
    Pleasure to meet you yesterday.

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