Pharmaceutically happy, or, take em’ if you need em’

Had barbecue for lunch at the best bbq joint in our town (you know the place..) with some friends where the topic of painkillers came up (not because of the food, thankyou) and I weighed in that you should take em’ if you need em’ because you heal much better when you’re not hurting, a fact which I earnestly believe to be true.

However, painkillers, something that I’ve been using lately, usually have other effects alongside the anodyne artform. I’ve been getting the non-Venus hum and the blue blue bird of sadness flying through the cortex. I wanna stay inside, be sedated, and not connect. So, when you get sad, what do ya do? Do sad songs make it better or do you need a sonic-youthful kick in the ass?

What would THESE guys do?


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One response to “Pharmaceutically happy, or, take em’ if you need em’

  1. Anonymous

    I sure could use some of those painkillersright about now.

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