Well, at least we have the Afghan economy working again, or, this news isn’t poppycock..

The country where the war and peace SHOULD have been waged completely, is really pumping up the poppy product, and pushing it out to a vein near you. Good to see the export trade really SMOKIN’!

Here’s a fun historical fact: Did you know that we (USA) gave the Taliban $43,000,000 in May of 2001 for a poppy eradication program. Gee, I wonder what they REALLY used the money for????

May 2001: US Gives Taliban Millions

Secretary of State Powell announces that the US is granting $43 million in aid to the Taliban government, purportedly to assist hungry farmers who are starving since the destruction of their opium crop occurred in January on orders of the Taliban. [Los Angeles Times, 5/22/2001] This follows $113 million given by the US in 2000 for humanitarian aid. [US Department of State, 12/11/2001] A Newsday editorial notes that the Taliban “are a decidedly odd choice for an outright gift … Why are we sending these people money—so much that Washington is, in effect, the biggest donor of aid to the Taliban regime?” [Newsday, 5/29/2001]

I’m telling you..we are being governed by the gang that can’t shoot straight….



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2 responses to “Well, at least we have the Afghan economy working again, or, this news isn’t poppycock..

  1. Now, I’m not clear on the protocol on this one.
    Do I shoot up before or after I convert to Islam?

  2. Meanwhile on the other side of the globe the US dumps $$$ into coca eradication in the Andes region. The farmers just replant deeper in the jungle. They say it’s all supply and demand, and if the US consumers didn’t demand so damn much, they wouldn’t be planting it.

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