Those little lazy bastards….

According to a recent government study, two-thirds of white kids have access to the internet at home, while less than half of minority kids have that same access. Can’t those little slackers go out and get a job, sheeeesh. Get out and pick yourselves up by your velcro shoe-straps, ya bums.

The public schools are doing a pretty good job of giving all kids access to the internet, but lack of access at home is quite an handicap in a world where digital skills are paramount in the world of ‘getting a damn job’, ya know.

We are so good at blaming the victim in our rush to individual accountability. Adults should be held accountable, but why do we have to let our social darwinism slop over into our children’s world. Poor kids have enough handicaps without a new digital curtain to overcome.

Getting broadband access to the entire community should be common sense, both for current and prospective businesses, and the education of the community. There has to be a way to get low-cost computers into every household, whether it is a government program, individual donors, business partnerships with non-profits, or churches, or a combination of any and all that.

Self-determination is important, but building the future is a little easier for those of us who have 21st century tools.


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  1. When Sneaker Dude (my older son, for the uninformed) was in high school, seemed like there was an endless stream of kids over to use our crappy-ass computer to do their homework. The local library has some computers, but by the time kids finish with after-school activities, sports, jobs, etc., it’s usually too late to use the library. And teachers want EVERYTHING typed nowadays.

    Rock Star (the little guy) either has richer friends or friends who just don’t bother to do homework. If his friends are like him, it’s the latter.

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