Can you believe those first-amendment hating activists lobbying a TV network not to show a movie before they have EVEN seen it!

Do you think a TV network should back down to a bunch of politically motivated activists just because those activists don’t think a politically themed movie is fair or presents a clear picture of an important aspect of our national history?

What’s wrong with you people? What are you folks thinking?

Oh yeah, it happened already. CBS was going to air a movie about Ronald Reagan that conservatives thought portrayed their iconic leader unfairly. These activists raised such hell that CBS capitulated and didn’t run the movie.

I’m sure these same activists, many of whom are now sprouting blogs are still fighting for what is fair, and surely are protesting ABC’s depiction of the pre-9/11 years of the Clinton administration, complete with scenes fabricated and distorted. I’m sure these folks want to be consistent right? Surely they wouldn’t critisize folks who are asking ABC to do the right thing?

hmmmmmmm…guess not.

I would like to know why ABC released preview editions of this movie to prominent conservatives and neglected to give middle of the road and progressive types a shot at the movie, and more importantly why they didn’t send previews to the people who actually were PART of the event the film portrays.

I’m smelling hyprocrisy here. Yeah, ABC is admitting here in the states that the film is Disney-like in it’s accuracy. But, as S-townMike points out, the film is being advertised world-wide as WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

I didn’t care for Oliver Stone’s version of the Kennedy assassination because I never knew watching the film what was historical and what had sprung from the fertile mind of Stone. I hope the folks around the world and here in the US who bother to watch this realize that this concoction has similiar import and in the word of Stephen Colbert, it only contains ‘truthiness’ – the truth that the neo-con sycophants want you to see.



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5 responses to “Can you believe those first-amendment hating activists lobbying a TV network not to show a movie before they have EVEN seen it!

  1. I just placed the entire Australian commercial on the same post. Watch it and judge for yourself.

  2. Anonymous

    Whether accurate or not, advertised to be a documentary of fact, or a dramatization, blaming Republicans, Democrats, or purple and green aliens from outer space … the fact that Senators are threatening the license of ABC is reprehensible, outrageous and entirely unconstitutional.

    No matter how you feel about the movie, 9/11, Bush, Clinton, either party or whatever … as an American, you should be outraged at this attempt at censorship!

  3. I think the license threatening is some sabre-rattling that will, in the end, amount to nothing. Some of the Dems are rightfully pissed off that the GOP is basically getting a free two-night commercial and that doesn’t seem right.

    If any body seriously goes after ABC’s license, I would be appalled. So far, I think it is sound and fury.

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  5. It’s also giving “libertarians” something to blow hard about. I wish we took the kind of corporate power plays that we see at ABC as seriously as we take partisan sabre-rattling. It never ceases to amaze me how we give free passes to big money while becoming righteously indignant at big government. We fool ourselves into thinking that political parties are more powerful than private corporations.

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