A few words about football, and getting wired into a winning TV show …

Considering that winning isn’t something the Titans will be doing much this year, I wanted to post about at least one winner..

First the Titans-Jets game. Until the 4th quarter when our flaming Tacks made the game pretty interesting, the most excitement I felt was watching the cheerleaders perform an awfully frisky routine between the first and second quarters of the game, and when the security guard performed a particularly thorough personal frisking on my person..

But, in the 4th, Bennett decided to catch some passes, and actually looked like the Bennett of the last good Titans season (seems so long ago now). K. Collins was pedestrian, but managed to settle into the groove in the second half. V. Young got the crowd charged up, but eventually charged up nothing but the Jets after his second interception of the day. All in all, there was some fun had, but prospects for the year look bleak, considering the Jets aren’t all that, and even they managed to create a passing attack that looked like Johnny U. back in the day.

Those six wins I predicted are going to come awfully hard.

True entertainment: If you don’t have HBO, glom onto a friend with HBO. If you do have HBO, I hope you are watching what may be the best TV series of all time – THE WIRE. Good grief, this year’s first episode starts out nailing you and ends up schooling you. If you really wanna understand something about race in America, in all its glory and all its turmoil, watch this show. One of the best ensemble casts you will ever see, and probably the best dialogue you will ever hear. Considering that the two chief writers are Richard Price (Clockers, Wanderers, Freedomland, and many more), and Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, among many others), and the two guys behind the show are an ex-cop and an ex-reporter, it is not surprising that this show brings the goods, the bads, and the uglys. It’s truly must not miss TV.


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  1. Uh oh, not only do I not have HBO, I don’t even have cable, period. I need to find me some friends. 🙂

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