How about ‘Thong Girl 4’…there’s so much left to say..

After reading what the Tennessean considers to be the most important story of the day, I feel compelled to give Gallatin Mayor Don Wright some advice.

Seems that the august film-makers behind the ‘Thong Girl’ series decided to film the third edition of the Thong Girl trilogy in the lovely city of Gallatin. When asked for permission to shoot the movie, Mayor Wright gladly agreed…when his constituency began to question the type of movie that was being shot in their fair burg, the mayor said he really didn’t know what type of movie ‘TG3’ was going to be..

Hmmmm, Thong Girl 3…it kinda rolls off the tongue. Right up there with ‘War and Peace’, ‘The Sorrow and the Pity’, ‘All’s Quiet on the Western Front’…Somehow, you gotta believe when the title of the movie includes the word THONG, you gotta believe that you are little closer to ‘Girls Gone Wild’ than Truffaut or Frankenheimer.

Having said that, I’d like to invite Glenn Weiss (the auteur behind the TG series) to make Thong Girl 4 in Salemtown. I’m speaking unofficially here, considering I’m not on the executive board of our neighborhood association, but I’m sure we’d all like to see TG snapping down the streets of S-Town. She could fight the powerful odor emanating from the Waste Water Plant to the east…she could take down license plate numbers from distracted crack buyers when they make their brief repasts at the crack house down the street…she could re-paint the horridly hued K & M Market down on Garfield….Hey, maybe she could stop the Germantown neighborhood association border creep as they continue to roll north, co-opting blocks with new development that fits in better with the G-town esthetic than our own S-town milieu.

The burghers of Gallatin may not want you, Thong Girl, but I would welcome you with open arms…..Maybe we’d get the top story on page 1 of the Tennessean THEN.

Uhhh, Mayor Wright..did ya see THIS pic?



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2 responses to “How about ‘Thong Girl 4’…there’s so much left to say..

  1. those snobs. i myself would never live anywhere where the good, honest souls of the pornography industry couldn’t get the support of the local populace.

  2. You know, I commented over on my blog that you are the Murray Waas of thong movie news and I just thought it needed to be posted here as well.
    Darn, I hate having a job where I break small town news and miss breaking news that’s important.
    Like Thong Girl 3.

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