Coffee house entrepreneurs, I’m begging ya….We’re here, we’re ready – signed, citizens of Salemtown and Germantown

Normally, I don’t pretend to speak for the masses (well maybe sometimes when you subract the ‘m’ from the beginning of the word) or my block or even my house, but I can tell you, you have a build-in urban, disposable income crowd including a lot of hipsters in the Werthan Lofts who don’t appear to have ‘doofus’ as their hipster appendage…We got Morgan Park Place blooming up, 10, count em’ 10 new houses being built in S-town alone, and a vibrant G-town crowd who have their own coffee-jones.

All of this is to say – for the love of all things java-nated, would SOMEBODY please wise up and build us a coffee-house, coffee-shop, coffee-hut here in the greater S-town or G-town area. I know we’re getting a Starbucks up top by Metrocenter, and I will spend some cash there 2 b sure, but I’d rather distribute my caffeinated-cash to a local..our own, personal ‘breesta’, someone who dares, someone who cares..



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8 responses to “Coffee house entrepreneurs, I’m begging ya….We’re here, we’re ready – signed, citizens of Salemtown and Germantown

  1. Hi, your blog seems very ‘homely’ from this side of the Atlantic (UK). It’s a good ‘local’ read, very funny and interesting. Some of the stories you linked to didn’t quite make it to the BBC!
    By the way, I really like the look of you blog; is it a standard Blogger template?

  2. Brazza – the template is from google’s blogger template page:

    I tried to enter this as a link, but my blog comment section is acting screwy.

    Anyway..I’m hoping that ‘homely’ means something different in UK than here, lol..but i do appreciate you reading my blog and i hope you will return.

    Yours is interesting as well


  3. No freeo stuffo AND limited Starbucks. Now I’m definitely not moving to TN. 🙂

  4. Hey Par- Oh, we got plenty a’ Starbucks..there are proliferating like Boston fans after their first World Series victory after 120 years (maybe off a year or two)…

    I actually like S’bucks coffee, but we would like a neighborhood house, with some local character where you don’t have DAMN pay to use their wi-fi…

  5. I feel your pain!

    About a year or so ago, me and 2 g-town guys ran the numbers, talked to Skip and Fred about anchoring Morgan Park Place, and…it just didn’t work for us.

    With real estate, you need someone with bank, or at least someone who can commit to being a full time barista. The need is definitely there, though.

    If you build it…

  6. Sam – I write some version of this plea ever few months or so..yesterday’s was inspired by the fact that Lynn and I drove over to Portland Brew in east Nashville..I love that location and I love me some P.B. scones and lattes.

    Was frustrating to have to drive to a ‘far-off’ neighborhood, when I live in a great neighborhood. Adding to the fuel on my java-flame was the fact that we went to the big art/loft show over at Werthan last night and there were literally 100s, if not 1,000s of peeps wandering the place..saw a lot of residents as well, and I may be stereotyping here, but they did look like they had a good bit of disposable income that could well be spent on coffee and a place to meet in the ‘hood.

  7. I was at the Werthan party, too — didn’t see you, which is evidence of just how many people were there.

    I would LOVE a coffeeshop in Germantown. I drive East to Bongo Java on weekends or pick up Portland Brew on Murphy on my way to work some mornings… but wouldn’t it be amazing to get coffee and hang out in our own neighborhood?

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