New Rule, or, If you don’t like this one, you should dye..

In the spirit of Bill Maher’s New Rules, I have one of my own.

When you are picking up a prescription at Walgreens, it’s ok to have the prescription clerk ring up a few items in addition to the prescription. IT IS NOT ALL RIGHT to go to the prescription counter, discuss the purchase of hair dyes AND request another Walgreen’s employee to continue bringing over box after box of Clairol until the purchaser is enlightened with the proper shade, all WITHOUT having ANY prescription to pick up.

Well, at least when I’m in line waiting to pick up a prescription….



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4 responses to “New Rule, or, If you don’t like this one, you should dye..

  1. You’ve had major issues with larger retail chains this week, haven’t you?

  2. Yeah, NC, and in fact, I was really worried last night. There are three major chains that play a big part in my life: Walgreens (lots of scripts), Krogers, and Target.

    Last night on our big date night of love, I had to supplement the night of love (hey, i’m aging) with an extended trip to Target. I love me some Target.

    Considering that I had the aforementioned problems with Krogers and Walgreens, I was scared that trouble was going to be greeting me at the automated doors like one of those greeters at Walmart.

    I got to dither and covet in the electronics section drooling over this beautiful 37 inch LCD HDTV with this really good picture of Christine Aquilera, not that I really noticed who was in the picture…I got to browse in the magazine section to peruse the new copy of Esquire.

    They had what I, where was the problem going to pop out at me…We took the cart to a short checkout lane. We saw some friends of ours and had a great conversation while waiting to check out.

    Every item scanned properly the first time, and the final total actually made sense. The cash register guy who was supposed to pimp the Target card so we could get a fabulous 10% off, didn’t bother more than half-heartedly and then, for some reason decided to talk about music, but only for the time it took us to check out.

    Our cart had no squeaky errant wheel. Our car was quickly found in the lot. The car was next to the place where you dump the push carts..The merchandise was all intact and what we needed..

    Not that the Target on White Bridge Road has groceries, I may be able to eliminate Krogers altogether, even tho it really isn’t that close..but as i said..i love Target and i’m quite grateful that I didn’t have the evil trifecta of retail shopping.

    thanks for asking..i know you wanted a dissertation!

  3. In cases like that it’s best to loudly state that you ran out of your psych meds and, therefore, can not be held legally responsible for anything you might do before you are able to get to the front of the line and get your damn prescription.

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