At least the Titans made it interesting, or, Kerry Collins, meet David Givens..

The good news for the Titans today was that they were playing another weak team masquerading as the Miami Dolphins who were led by a once-good quarterback named Daunte Culpepper who now has the lateral movement of a 1958 Cadillac. The bad news is that the Titans weren’t quite as good as the weak team masquerading as the Dolphins.

Titan’s quarteback Kerry Collins threw a few really sweet passes to go along with the half-dozen overthrown attempts to wide open receivers. Collins appears to have at least had a get-to-know-you-meeting with the tight ends, Drew Bennett and the heretofore sorely under-utilized free-agent aquisition David Givens. Givens was the highlight of the day for the losing Titans, imo.

The defense managed to contain the Fish most of the game, sacking the beleaguered Culpepper four times (at least). My new Titan hero, the awakening defensive back Courtland Finnegan made some great plays including a fumble recovery deep in Fish territory. When, oh when will an enterprising jersey maker release the ’31’ jersey for sale to the general public. I am so looking forwarding to attending a Titan’s home game in my ‘Finnigan’ gear.

So, all in all, the Titan’s game was an improvement over the first two debacles and gives us some reason for optimism*, even though the Dolphins are no one’s Super Bowl pick.

*optimism as defined by making some of the future games interesting enough to watch well into the fourth quarter if not the entire game. The brand of optimism does not extend to the belief that the Titans will win many games this year.


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One response to “At least the Titans made it interesting, or, Kerry Collins, meet David Givens..

  1. Yes, but the Dolphins were expected to do well this year…they were predicted to make the playoffs in a few places I saw….

    Still could but it’s an uphill climb, that’s for sure.

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