Studio 60, episode 2 – wow, or, boom goes the dynamite*

Episode 1 was prelude..Tonight’s show was a great pay-off. This one reminded me of Sorkin’s first show (at least first i know about) Sports Night, a behind-the-scenes show of something akin to ESPN’s Sports Center..lots of cuts, quick edits and snappier dialogue than Dorothy Parker* * holding forth at the Algonquin back in the day.

Sorkin always knew how to write ‘guy talk’..eventually on the West Wing, he figured out to write meaty parts for the women as well. Amanda Peet as NBS (read NBC) president and Sarah Paulson as the star of the show within the show are outstanding. The Paulson character is an outspoken Christian..a type that rarely gets written with any kind of subtlety or nuance. TV Christians are usually hypocrites, ramrod-up-the-ass types, or pious nut jobs. So far, the writers are treating Paulson’s character as a human..

But..the guys, at least so far, in the persons of Matt Perry and Bradley Whitford, rock the party. These guys have more chemistry than Sonny & Cher, Tom and Dick Smothers and Bill O’ Reilley and himself, put together.

If only these guys could produce and write the REAL Saturday Night Live….

Please watch Studio 60..I really really wanna see the show unfurl over an entire season.

*Boom goes the dynamite

**one of my favorite D. Parker lines: “That woman speaks eighteen languages and can’t say ‘no’ in any of them.”



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3 responses to “Studio 60, episode 2 – wow, or, boom goes the dynamite*

  1. I had the same reaction. It was absolutely wonderful.
    I didn’t see last weeks episode but I’m going to watch the download tonight.
    Your right, the chemistry between the two leads are great.
    I liked it.

  2. Lee

    I wonder when they do the show where one of their big sitcom stars has an on again off again drug habit?


    But it looks like I should check the show out.

  3. I will admit I’m having a hard time deciding who is the better eye candy during the show–Amanda Peet or Sarah Paulson….

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